Home-based Preparations For Glowing, Spotless And Clean Skin

Following are some easy, natural and quick homemade masks for providing you with flawless skin naturally. Every recipe should remain on the skin until it becomes dry or nearly 15 minutes and cleaned off. Subsequently, you may need to use a light moisturizer if there is dryness or tightness on your skin.

  1. Mask of Oatmeal and cinnamon

This cinnamon and oatmeal face mask encourages the growth of cell as it is having a higher amount of antioxidants. Similar to all these preparations, it’s extremely easy to prepare. Have powder of cinnamon to about half a teaspoon and two teaspoons of dried oatmeal. Combine them one another with milk to form a paste and slightly use it all up your face using rounded motions. Let it stay there for about 15 minutes and then wash it with normal water. You will be having a glow on your face!

  1. Mask of Tea Leaf

Tea is very operative in making your skin to glow as you mature. The content of flavonoid in tea has anti-aging characteristics and likewise funds to the lightening of the skin. Prepare a skin care mixture by boiling tea bag or tea leaves nearly a spoon or until it forms a strong infusion. Allow it to cool and add a heavy quantity of brown sugar. Combine a little bit of cream and blend until it makes a paste. Use it to your face in a rounded motion for around 10 minutes. Rinse it off with normal water to have glowing and softer skin.

  1. Mask of Semolina the Brightener

Flour of Semolina—also recognized as sooji—is excellent for the glowing and clean skin. Form a mixture of milk and semolina, use it to your face, and let it be there until it dries. Rinse away with warm water.

  1. Lemon and Sugar

Lemon can be applied to brighten skin and Sugar is an excellent exfoliation material. Combine the lemon juice with sugar to prepare a paste. Apply and scrub it on your face in rounded motion and let it be there for nearly 15 minutes. Wash it off with warm water, being certain that all the sugar has liquefied away.

  1. Oil-Absorber mask by using Papaya

Excess oil can be absorbed by Papaya, enlightening the appearance of your skin if you are having oily skin. Combine a teaspoon of sandalwood powder or bentonite clay with small pieces of ripe papaya. Combine honey with it to form a paste. Use the mixture on your face all over. Allow it for nearly 15 minutes, afterward rinse it off with normal water. Also, this is an anti-wrinkle and active anti-aging preparation.

  1. Egg white with lemon and yogurt

Rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, eggs are extremely operative in revamping your skin. Have the one egg white and beat it well together with some lemon juice and a teaspoon of yogurt until it makes a paste. Use it on your face all over. Let it be there for about 15 minutes and then use warm water to rinse it off.


All about the Anti-Ageing Cream of the Fixer Upper Star Joanna Gaines

Image associéeJoanna Gaines along with her husband Chip Gaines is known to host a very famous reality show on HGTV known as Fixer Upper. There is a huge fan following of this show as well as that of the couple hosting this show. Prior to Fixer Upper, the couple was doing great together in the field of remodeling and refurbishment services. They are known to refurbish around more than hundreds of homes together. Joanna is also a very famous interior designer and is the owner of the very well known Magnolia Homes. It is a very successful combined business of renovating homes, designing as well as home constructions. Magnolia Homes was actually the combined result of Joanna’s creative interior designing business and Chip’s Real Estate business.

Joanna Leaving the Show

They were very successful co-starring the famous show of HGTV when came the news of Joanna Gaines skin care line. It was very shocking news to everyone that Joanna is running a side business of beauty products. Also, it was rumored that Joanna Gaines is about to leave one of the most loved show Fixer Upper while his husband will continue working in it. People all around rumored on media that in order to focus more on the beauty cream business which is gaining much success day by day, Joanna has decided to leave Fixer Upper as she is the CEO of the company. Her fans were very disappointed upon hearing this news. There was much chaos about the matter.

Also, the HGTV was not happy with this news and decided for the cancellation of the show. So, in order to resolve the conflict, they asked Joanna to choose any one between beauty cream businesses or the show, Fixer Upper. She was disturbed at that time so she selected the beauty cream business. But after much chaos and hassle with her husband Chip on the same issue, she finally declared that she is not going to leave the most loved show Fixer Upper and will continue working in it with her husband. She told her fans that it was all rumor and she is currently busy in shooting season 5 of the show with her husband Chip.

About the Anti-ageing Serum

Joanna told that she has come up with this beauty product in order to find a safe alternative to Botox and Surgery. Nobody likes to come under the knife but they had to do so in order to remove the wrinkles and lines to look younger. She told her fans that she has come up with the revitalizing and rejuvenating serum in order to fight against the effects of the hectic schedule of shooting and traveling. It was later discovered that the formula of this magical serum was known by the celebrity doctors since a long time but they kept it secret from the general public in order to keep it reserved only for the rich and famous celebrities. This magical serum is composed of mainly two vital components that are Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome. They both, when combined together, are said to produce magical results by working at the cellular level and removing line and wrinkles from the skin providing a younger look.